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Tired of low yields and high risk Investments?

Finally, Here’s a Safe Alternative to the Stock Market!

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As stocks and mutual funds continue their volatile ups and downs, and bonds are yielding record low interest rates, investors are educating themselves on alternatives to such stomach-turning ups and downs and heading into safer, fixed return investments insulated from the tall tales of the Wall street spin-doctors.


Smart Investors, tired of losing money, and faced with the decision of postponing or outright canceling their retirement plans, have jumped ship to swim for land. And land, or more specifically real estate is exactly what they are investing in. They have moved into the investments of the rich, and moved away from stocks, bonds, and securities. They have turned instead to what is historically the safest investment category; real estate.


Chief among these non-securitized investments are cashflow streams such as notes and mortgages. Savvy investors have begun to turn the tables and “Be the Bank”, earning monthly income guaranteed by real estate assets worth much more than what they’ve invested. The total return on these notes reaches 12-15%.

These aren’t typical mortgages. They are high yield short term investments. And the safety and yield of these investments are greater than many ever realized. One real estate rehab company in Southeast Virginia offers investors up to 12% fixed interest on notes secured by first mortgages on real estate.


And, perhaps most importantly, this investment offers something that few investments do; true diversification.

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When most analysts talk about diversification, they suggest a varied selection of stocks or even mutual funds. But what many people have learned over the last few economic scares that these investments, and the bond market, are far more interconnected than they had ever guessed.
“The total return on these
                         notes reaches 12-15%”

Entire sectors of the economy, ones that had seen no business or revenue downturns, lost a tremendous amount of value simply because they were stock based investments.

But for those investors whose IRA’s or investment capital were in equity lending investments, they were still making 12% or more on a part of their portfolios.

These factors make the exclusive equity lending business one of the most sought after investments in the U.S.

If you want to start protecting your retirement and making a great, safe return, you might find equity lending is just the investment vehicle you need to drive you to retirement and beyond.

To learn more, simply provide the requested information on our Contact page and request your Free Info report titled, “Here’s a Safe Alternative to the Stock Market”. You’ll get the facts about this proven, safe, Real World investment strategy that allows you to be in control of your Investments, not Wall Street or Washington.

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