Transation Assistant Sevices

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Investing Remotely is a great skill and opens the doors to great opportunity.

There can be some challenges with not being physically present.

You may need a local notary.  You may need detailed pictures in order to run your numbers with confidence.  The seller/buyer may want to meet in person.

With Purple Diamond's  Transaction Assistance, You No Long Have To Worry!

We Will Help You Make Your Transactions With Ease and Confidence!

Transaction Assistant Services


Traditional: $5/Document + $50 Travel Fee
Electronic: $25/Document, $45/2-3Documents, $85/4-6 Document, Additional Docs (7+ are $15 each)
**Multiple Document Pricing Valid for Documents Notarized in One Session**


Detailed Pictures of Home
$30 Outside of Home Only
$50 Outside and Inside of Home


Outside of NN/Hampton:
$50 Travel Fee Applied: Norfolk, Va Beach, Chesapeake, Williamsburg, Yorktown
$2.50/mile additional fee for areas outside of areas listed
**Areas outside of listed cities will be serviced at the discretion of Purple Diamond Associates**


Detailed Video
$45 +Travel Fee if applies


Walk Through With Contractor
$75 + Travel Fee if applies


Meet/Walk Through With Seller/Buyer
$75 + Travel Fee if applies


Package Deals

Detailed Pictures + Meet/Walk Through with Seller/Buyer/Contractor:
$125 (travel fee included)
Additional $10 for video


Detailed Pictures + Meet/Walk Through with Seller/Buyer/Contractor + eNotary:
$125 + $20/document or $35/2-3 documents (travel fee included)
Additional $10 for video


Detailed Pictures +Meet/Walk Through with Seller/Buyer/Contractor + Traditional Notary:
$145 + $5/document (travel fee included)
Additional $10 for video